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Tips to Overcome Seizures In Children

The health of newborns or children are very vulnerable to the disease because of the effect of changes in the new environment. One of them highly vulnerable to infection  virus can make the body into a fever. Fever conditions that are too high will be bad that trigger a step or seizures. Step or seizures in children are frequently experienced by children at an early age are being caused because of heat stress on the body. Usually high summer temperatures that can cause step child or seizure of about 38 degrees celsius, which is where these temperatures can cause excessive muscle contractions such as rigid or called by epilepsy. If it is not dealt with quickly and properly it will result in physical disabilities and death.

Many of the people who say that the seizure is one of the symptoms of epilepsy, but not always show as symptoms of epilepsy seizures. Febrile seizures or step has a characteristic clenched teeth accompanied by vomiting and your baby as if he would stop breathing in a certain time, and even in some cases can not control spending defecate or urinate and then in the more severe cases more often the baby unconscious with time seizures varies from a few seconds to tens of minutes.

Seeing the condition of the course, each parent will be very frightened and anxious especially when parents do not know how to handle it. Well for that we as parents is very important to know about how to resolve step or in children. The explanation is the following!

Here Overcome Seizures in Children

First, try not to panic and use the measuring body temperature. It is not recommended to measure body temperature by using the back of his hand because this way the results were inaccurate. Then you should use a mercury thermometer capable of measuring body temperature with accurate results. If your child's temperature is high, then you can compress the child's head with cold water using a towel bazaar.
Second, massage the hands and soles of the feet so that children can heat evenly heat into the body with the goal of children is not centered on strep throat that can cause seizures. In addition it also loosen clothing immediately and unplug all of which can inhibit the respiratory tract of children.
Third, when a child has shown symptoms of convulsions using a spoon or cloth on the child's mouth in order to avoid damage to the teeth for bite hard when seizures. Do it the other way is to tilt the child's body, it will usually drooling from the mouth caused by excessive saliva production which makes nerves that regulate lacrimal gland becomes uncontrollable. It is intended that direct fluid out so it does not stagnate in the mouth and block the airways.
Lastly, if the manner described above has been tried but gave no reaction to any changes the next step  child to the nearest hospital in order to get a better handling so that no unwanted things. Because if a little late would be fatal and of course that you do not want.

Now that's an explanation of how to cope with seizures in children that you can do. So and hopefully useful! 
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